Friday, July 31, 2015

July Garden Update

July has again been a hot month!  But all the efforts for maintaining all these plants are really starting to pay off.  Blueberries are unfortunately about spent but I got some tremendous yields from my mature plants.  Once the others "grow up" I should be double what I got this year!  Strawberries have continue to produce in very small quantities.  Zucchini has also come on strong this month and I definitely have more than I really know what to do with!  Zoodles anyone?

Rhubarb is now the king as far as value per sq ft of garden space at $8.03 a sq ft after cost.  The issue with this is that I can't use this much Rhubarb!  Majority of my crop gets donated to a friend who gives e rhubarb syrup in return.  It is delicious.  Lettuce and Garlic are the next two big winners as far as money at $7.74 a sq ft and $7.03 a sq ft respectively.  The only things left in the yard with possibility of trumping these are tomatoes, green beans, and possibly squash.  

Tomatoes are just now coming on and it has to be the most versatile and delicious thing to actually cook with.  No green beans yet but in a week or so I suspect I will have more than I know what to do with of those as well.  Also harvested my first Fava bean crop and I'm hooked.  They are a pain to hull but taste so good and are good for the soil as I understand.  They were a piece of cake to grow so I resowed my raised beds with a bunch to see if I can eek out 1 more harvest or if not supposedly they will winter over.  Either way they are good for the soil apparently.

I have a bunch of figs on the tree also but they do not seem to be getting ripe!  Anyone know where I can find a fig wasp?

Rhubarb for days!

Funny looking carrots, but tasty.
Typical days harvest not a lot but it adds up.

Fava Beans!

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