Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Garden Update

August has been by far the most productive month yet!  There was over 40 lbs of produce from my yard this month!  Granted this was limited really to it being tomato season, but I will take it because they are so versatile and good!  We have made fresh salsa, caprese, and a couple batches of tomato sauce not to mention the cherry tomatoes that I can eat alone daily as a snack.  
Rhubarb, while I enjoy it, has started to be the bane of my existence.  I have 1 plant and it has already yielded 21 lbs of Rhubarb.  I have used my fair share for desserts and have definitely given a lot of it away and I still have a couple of pounds every week.  Relentless is the only word I have for that plant!
The really exciting thing to me is the two perfect pears I got off of my espalier pear tree.  They are only 1 year old so I am looking forward to this and it's apple counterpart for many years to come.

All in all when you look at the money side of it Rhubarb is at the top of the list as one might guess.  But tomatoes are definitely proving to be worth the investment!  The tomato number should continue to climb barring a cold snap.  I still have a lot on the bush!  See below for the list of current value per SF with cost factored in:

Rhubarb:  $11.49 /SF
Lettuce:  $7.74  /SF
Garlic:  $7.03  /SF
Tomatoes:  $6.27  /SF  
Arugula:  $3.15  /SF
Zucchini:  $2.14  /SF

I have been a bit disappointed with my winter squash as I only have a few on the vines, but it is only September so we will see how those progress.  Looking forward to an Indian summer and a few more fleeting weeks of Tomatoes!!!

End of August Harvest.  Loving the Green Beans.

Two Perfect Pears (bartlett)

Green Beans on the Vine

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes!!!

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