Our Story...

Our Love Story - We were living in a condo in "the Gulch" and on evening walks/ runs through Irvington we always dreamed of purchasing a house and restoring it. It was one of those "how cool would that be" stories. Then one day Swanky comes back from a solo run and says "I think I found a house!" So I get up and we walk half a mile down the street from our condo to this majorly delapidated house. Phrases like "good bones" and "lots of character" were used. We didn't even have a real estate agent and weren't seriously looking.

But we were getting married in 6 weeks and the 800 SF, 2 bedroom condo was quickly getting overtaken by wedding presents... so we called up an agent, got a tour and fell in love.

We made an offer and were 2nd in line. The offer ahead of us was contingent on a sale of a NY condo and it was a young couple trying to relocate. We were also a young couple, with a down payment and were willing to take everything "as-is". Our situation and the state of the house worked to our advantage. On our honeymoon we found out that our offer was accepted!! At 26 and 28 we purchased our first home as newlyweds and have been working on it ever since.

December 2009

Who are we? Two crazy kids 30-somethings, an Architect and Architect turned contractor... with a house that we will grow into. It's our forever house and I can truly see us growing old here.