Thursday, February 6, 2014

the Before

When we first bought the house, we went straight to town and didn't take much time to document the house "before." I found these images on Redfin the other night and thought it would be fun to post them for old times sake.  When I get around to it, I'll take pictures of what it looks like now, from the same spots.

Front Entry. Those black spots are holes in the wall...

The yard looks halfway decent… before it became overgrown

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room. You can't see the broken window…
notice the outline from a picture above the fireplace/mantel?

Dining Room with someones reflection in the mirror

I LOVE this built in.

Built in, look how worn the surfaces are

Trim Details

the "Library"
See the surface mounted electrical?

Bedroom, Two Bathrooms, Sunporch Office

Landing…. look at those floors! and the striped grime on the walls

This would be the kitchen…

The back… "new deck" and roof.

The yard actually looked good!

Doesn't look too rough from this view.

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Bungalow13 said...

I forgot just how rough it was...but of course you saw the diamond in the rough. Love your house!!! And all the warm, wonderful memories (how cheese ball am I) you are making there. :)