Monday, April 28, 2014

Phase 2 - What's in the running

We have a lot of little things to still wrap up, like updating door handles and hanging photos, spacing out our furniture now that we have finished spaces... But those things are quick weekend projects and best saved for winter when the weather stinks and you feel more obligated to be stuck inside!

If we won the lotto tomorrow, here's what we'd do:

1.) Tile the lower sunporch (it's still painted OSB board, holding up quite well!)
2.) reBuild the back deck (it's literally, falling apart and a splinter hazard)
3.) Build a tiered stone retaining wall in the front yard and actually landscape the jungle we currently have (the term Jungle, is an UNDERSTATEMENT).
4.) Build out the unfinished third floor attic space into a bunk room for friends/ family + add a small bathroom up there.
5.) Organize the basement (cabinets, walls, floors, more electrical outlets), formalize the laundry room

It's funny, I wrote the above post in JULY 2013 and never got to publishing it. Looking back we have already knocked one item (#2) off the list. #3 is half complete and we did get to organizing the basement (sans walls, floors and electrical) which I will hopefully also post about soon. It's now April 2014, so despite my lack of free time to do things such as update you all, at least we're still making some progress around the house with an active 16m old.

I promise to post PHOTOS soon...

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