Thursday, January 9, 2014

the Back Deck

It was still summer and the year 2013, when we worked on the back deck. What month exactly? I've lost complete track. Either way, our back deck was small (roughly 3' deep by 6' long) and falling apart. The neighbors cats were using it as a scratching post, which also didn't help matters. With an almost crawling baby, we decided it was time to design and invest in a new deck.

We spent a few nights designing a new deck, went shopping at Parr Lumber and I convinced the hubs that it would be a lot less maintenance to go with a synthetic wood product. He was totally against this, until we had Ava. Thankfully he came around and admits that less maintenance around the house is a good thing, and more time back on the weekends to doing family things, like hiking! 

The new deck design had to have a few additional elements, as well. It needed to be large enough to put a BBQ on and functionally use, provide additional seating for our mini backyard, and shield the monster air conditioning unit.

With the help of the guys at Parr, we ordered up the materials and enlisted a few very skilled work friends to come help us knock it out in a weekend. I'm forever grateful for their help, as I was more or less on baby watch and let the boys play with all the tools (I honestly, was bummed and hate not being part of the action!) I should also add that the hubs did all the demo himself. The decaying deck took about five minutes, but below it was solid CMU block! I'd like to talk to whoever thought that was a good idea...

Here goes:

Existing Deck Demo, no tools required.
CMU Demo… notice the scratch marks in the two white posts?
More Demo...
Head Supervisor for the Day
Final Product, with one piece of handrail missing (but since installed)

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