Sunday, November 10, 2013

we got robbed

I'm typing from a chipped and cracked iPad that is the result of being thrown with a bag of our belongings as my husband chased said robber. I'm writing about it as a reminder to everyone, to keep an inventory of your most valuable things! Pictures, descriptions, value, etc.

We were robbed in the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon.  I left the house with the beanball to go to Costco and Joe was running some errands. He returned a half hour after I left and noticed someone in the kitchen as he unlocked the front door. The person took off through the back door and Hubs back out the front door. Robber went through the neighbors yard and down to the sidewalk and Hubs down our front steps.  Robber ditched the shopping bag of our stuff and kept running. Hubs stopped since he dropped the bag and went back to the house. We are thankful on so many levels... especially since we still have all our stuff.

From what we can decipher, he pried open an old basement window, went straight to all the top drawers in the kitchen and dining room (nothing exciting... No family silver!) and the lower cabinets in our dining room built in (again, nothing special). Then upstairs where he dumped a reusable bag to use to collect things. He left most rooms untouched but opened up all dresser drawers and went into our closet where he found most of my jewelry boxes and gathered it all up. Downstairs he found my laptop and our iPad that also made it into the bag. Hubs caught him in the kitchen dumping out jewelry boxes into the bag to consolidate the load?

Sigh. It makes me shutter just thinking about it. And I feel like he's coming back. Why? He didn't get what he came for, the chase is still on. But that's okay, because it's all been taken care of. All valuables are back in the safety deposit box, all change has been turned in and if he gets the laptop and iPad there actually isn't any info stored on it. And the rest? It can be replaced.

This also makes me feel as though I shouldn't share the house anymore, as it familiarizes people with our stuff, what things look like and opens us up to be a target. Am I getting paranoid? Who knows. I'd like to have fate in this world but there's a robber on the loose and I'm sure we aren't the first or the last one on this guys list.

We can't live our lives in fear, and somehow we move on. But I will never forget this weekend and the panicked phone call I got from the Hubs saying we had just been robbed.


E said...

Hope you're replacing the old window and getting an alarm system!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Thank goodness nobody was hurt. That's ultimately all that matters.