Thursday, February 2, 2012

the Dining Room (Before & After)

I tend to bundle the Living Room and the Dining Room together since our Craftsman has them defined only by two columns, and not adjacent rooms. We also renovated them together as we think of them often as one room. The time consuming part of the Dining Room Reno? Trim touch up.

We had the horizontal ledges of the buffet fully sanded down to bare fir, restained them and did a thick layer of lacquer over the top to protect them from wear & tear, and the sunlight.

The original oak hardwood flooring needed some serious refinishing, walls had some plaster repair, a few electrical outlets were added from the opposite side during the kitchen renovation, and this girl (yes, me) sanded, stained and refinished all the woodwork.
A semi-blurry progress shot. Floors have been refinished.
The Dining Room is wide and short in depth, which limited our table purchase to something long... very long... which leads to a fun time in searching for table cloths to fit! Minor problems, considering we are able to easily seat 10-12 in this room and not feel crowded. We opted for a bench on one side of the table to change things up, keep it a bit casual and allow us the flexibility to squeeze more seating in if required. It's also handy for parties, it tucks away under the table nicely when the table is used as a buffet.
Updated Lighting, A large table... and eventually we'll buy enough matching chairs

Looking at the buffet, whose lighting will soon be updated.

Hello Flash, View into the Living Room.
Future plans include putting paneling in below the picture rail (it's minimal and not in any of the pictures above), and I'm working on some artwork here in AZ to set along the rails that ties in an Oregon theme that we started for this room. 


Shasha Kidd said...

You have a pretty home. You're lucky you didn't start out with your wood painted, because stripping it is quite the pain! Thanks for sharing these photos.


You are giving me more inspiration to get my livingroom and diningroom done. Soo beautiful!!

HMC said...

That was one of the biggest reasons we fell in love with the place instantly!

HMC said...

Hooray! And Thank you!