Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the Front Bedroom (Before & After)

This bedroom had ONE working electrical outlet... some large holes in the walls from the previous owners, drafty aluminum windows and missing trim. Truly minor in the grand scheme of things - So we picked it as our master when we moved in.

An extension cord later, a carpet to cover up the rough maple flooring and some pictures to hide the walls - we were set!

Evidence of occupation, missing trim and new windows (hooray!)
It wasn't until we finished the Master Suite that we moved out of this room, and started on the electrical, trim and painting. The hubs gets full credit for the completion of this room. He slaved away in Spring 2011 while I was traveling, out of town, consistently for work.
The underlying theme of this room is nature/ organics. I envision a headboard (I sense a DIY project), our gray bedding in AZ will go well in here, and a nice large area rug. I'm also toying with paiting a darker green above the picture rail, leaving the ceiling white. I think it would help make the room pop, subtly.

We are lucky to have such large bedrooms. At some point soon we'll move all our furniture off the 2nd floor to refinish the maple in one fell swoop. You can't tell from the pictures, but the maple is rough, and when sanded/ refinished it lightens up to be more like beech in color.


Webly said...

A driftwood headboard would be beautiful.

HMC said...

That sounds heavenly!