Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crafting: Ornaments

Ornaments in February? Yup! This was a project I had ready to do in December in time for the Holiday's... but time escaped me. So now I'm ready for the this year!

I've wanted to incorporate more black and white family photos into our Holiday decor and was inspired by a picture ornament that Joe's mom gave to us a few years ago.

I found these frames at Goodwill about a year ago (I've been scheming it for that long) for a price that couldn't be passed up. $1.99 for 15 frames. Cha-ching!

Material Purchased: Frames ($1.99), Red Silk Ribbon ($.50)
Materials On Hand: Photos, Cardstock

This might be my all time favorite family photo of my Dad
Ornaments with Inspiration Ornament (far right)

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