Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Porch Bling

The hubs and I are forever grateful to my cousin, David, who is our current caretaker of the home. He collects our rediculous amount of junk mail, sorts out the bills and even mows the lawn! Now added to his list - collect packages. Not too many, but it has started... trolling through ebay and other such sites in search for houseparts from afar. The first item scored? A new porch shade! Last weekend we made it home to open the package, be surprised at the size (much bigger than thought!) and even had the chance to install it!

the before

the pieces (spray paint, fitter and socket) minus shade
installed and burning
Hello, Beautiful
A littel bling to the entryway, to help balance the scale of the porch. Now about that front door... it only highlights the wear and required restoration... doh!

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