Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A very belated new year to our 6 followers! 2011 disappeared instantly as my new project kicked in January 2011, traveling for weeks at a time, internationally in February, and to the southwest in March where I was commuting weekly to Arizona. In May, came the big move to AZ and the hubs following behind by late July. Needless to say the house is in good hands, and the progress is slow at best.

May 2012 bring us safe travels in Arizona, and a return to Portland in 2013! Cheers to looking ahead and making the best of the current economy and our fortunate situation!

And... guess what? Our home is 100 this year! Happy Birthday to our home.

I'll leave you with a few images from Israel, where I spent two weeks in February for work. It was a magical place, full of history and a beautiful culture.
Israel: ancient mosiac flooring

Israel: stunning mosaic in Old Jerusalem

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Shasha Kidd said...

Happy birthday to your house! Our house is 100 years old this year too! We're going to have a birthday party for it in December.