Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding Craftings

The hubs and I have been happily married for three years now, and right after the wedding we jumped straight into house projects and living out of boxes. Only now that we're abroad and away from the house have I finally made it to "small" projects such as a wedding album and framing wedding photos!

One project has been to create a few shadow boxes of wedding items incorporating old, broken antique jewelry from my grandmother's jewelry box. Most of the jewelry includes clip-on earrings and broken strands of costume pearls that I was saving and looking for something to do with.

Here's the works in progress.

The project includes scrapbook pages, jewelry and sentimental items from the wedding (corks, accessories, notes) to place in the shadow boxes upon collection, the next trip home... I'll do the unveiling of the completed project.

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Kirsten said...

So cute! Must see this in person sometime!