Friday, May 25, 2012

Oregon Updates, from AZ

This past weekend (May 18th - May 21st) we retreated back to Oregon from the 105 degree heat to head to Dufur, OR... and attend a wedding at the newly renovated Balch Hotel. We stayed at a great B&B (Seven Oaks) in Hood River. I didn't snap a picture of the house or room, but it was a renovated 1926 Bungalow, just our style!!

A few weeks prior to this visit, I was in Portland for work and spent the weekend emptying the upstairs bedrooms onto the sunporch... so we could refinish our hardwood floors in between trips. Thanks to some dear friends and a trusty floor guy, Ben... WA-LA!

FRONT BEDROOM:It definitely feels more complete with the floors. We'll move the furniture back next time we are home. I also ordered a round jute rug for this room. I head to NYC in a few weeks to visit friends and attempt to find light fixtures for this room and the Office at Brooklyn Flea. Keep your fingers crossed! And... I have a Craigslist search out for a Jenny Lind bedframe for this room as well...
Front Bedroom, all nice and shiny

Can't, Not, Take a pic of the feet.
The fir closets and maple bedroom color difference is minimal
Swanky has been crawling around in the attic running new electrical to this room in his spare time and during the limited weekends we are able to visit this place. Once the electrical is done, we'll patch the plaster and then paint our little hearts out. Then we'll think about furniture and how to lay this space out. 

Office Bedroom, not very bright, but shiny
(Electrical is in process of electricity to this room for now)

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