Monday, May 28, 2012

AZ: Road Trip

It was a Christmas Miracle (in May) that the jobsite was closed for three consecutive days. That was the first time since I can remember that we had that many days off in a row, without taking PTO. Swanky and I took the Venza on a long road trip... Phoenix, Monument Valley (AZ/Utah), to Mesa Verde (CO), dropping down to Waterflow (NM), to the Petrified Forest (AZ) and then home again... we really wanted to see the property in Waterflow, NM and his some National Parks along the way.

The Dust Storm, our entire drive on Saturday... gusts of up to 75mph

Cliff Dwellings, Mesa Verde, CO

Cliff House, Mesa Verde, CO

Petrified Forest, Arizona

Petrified Wood, Petrified Forest, Arizaon

Petrified Forest, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona/ Utah. In a dusty haze...
Waterflow, NM.
At the end of this road, atop the mesa... we own property...

want to buy it? i'll give you a good deal!

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