Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the Sunporch (Before & After)

The lower sunporch is directly off the Dining Room and entered through a pair of french doors. When we purchased the house, it was a plywood box enclosed by louvered (70s) windows. It was dusty, the glass had never been cleaned and we used it as an enclosed cut shop while working on trim and other items on the ground floor.

One morning in May 2009 I awoke to my husband dismantling the louvered windows. Thus, the demo began and I joined in on the fun... The neighbors behind us started cheering us on as they saw their backyard view instantly improve with the louvers coming down. I'm sure our house was cheering too,I know I was. It instantly brightened up the Dining Room as light was now able to enter unobstructed.

The sunporch looked like this for about a year, until we finished residing the exterior and had some experts come strip the paint. SO glad we didn't think about replacing these doors with new ones. The fir was in pristine condition and looked brand new.

And once it got painted?
Those are hops that are growing and provide shade during the summer

Ahhh, summer
When we return from AZ, we plan to tile the floor (it's painted plywood right now!), hang some light strings, and possibly make some outdoor curtains to accent the space.

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