Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crafting: Jewelry Box Revamp

It would be logical to take a before picture - but I got a little too happy with the can of spray paint. This is my childhood jewelry box that my mom brought to me... straight "brown" wood with tacky gold glass, a mirror and pink interior. I guess you could say it had "good bones"
Materials Purchased: High Gloss Paint/ Primer ($8.99)
Materials on Hand: Jewelry Box, Scrapbook Paper

Disclaimer: this photo makes me cringe because we have minimal natural light and I struggle to get photos of anything inside the apartment that aren't washed out by my limited toolbox of supplemental lighting.

I matched the scrapbook paper to the pink velvet that lines the bottom of the chest and the drawer below. The hardware could use some TLC, that I may/ may not do. Verdict is still out. I kept the glass out and am toying with the idea of a screen material instead that could double as additional earring storage.

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