Monday, January 23, 2012

the Kitchen (Before & After)

Realizing that most of our posts are progress shots, and a snapshot in time... let's recap on our very first project - the Kitchen. We started off with literally, nothing. A few sticky cabinets, open studs and a sink sitting on the floor. There was no working electrical or plumbing in the kitchen and the floors were BLACK (which sanded out to be beautiful fir!). Let's just say there was a lot of potential!

The bank required a kitchen to be put in the house, before we closed on a conventional loan. We lucked out that we could do the drawings ourselves, get bids and hire a contractor within a few days, to close the deal.

There was a strange eating nook with many outlets for...? The wooden towel ring, and adjacent cabinets weren't more than 2" deep.What would you store there? The cavity would hold a very small fridge

You can see the 70s spice rack thing, a few cabinets of various vintages with an old laundry shoot behind. The hood to what was the stove? and the neighbors house through the window.
The kitchen sink, an old window opening and the plumbing stack
We really liked the concept of this built in, but the terra cotta tiles were falling off the counter, the doors were sticky with years of grease and if you opened the cupboards, live electrical lines serving the entire second floor passed through the shelves (which proved to make our demo efforts quite challenging).
There was a boarded up California cooler in the far corner, some more shallow cabinets, an old electrical fuse box above the door and the dining room beyond.
Can you see the same "potential" that we saw?
Long story short, we hired a contractor to do this work (requirement from the Bank), did the design ourselves and picked all the finishes. Four months later? We had this...


Shasha Kidd said...

Your kitchen turned out very nice!

HMC said...

thank you! we are still in love with it years later!