Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Front Bedroom

As an attempt to provide updates more frequently, here goes!

The Front Bedroom was our master bedroom for the first two years we were in the house... as-is. It was selected as it was the most set-up to be a bedroom. Why? because it had a working power outlet. Yes, ONE outlet. So a power strip and extension cord later and we were rocking!

Since we finished the true Master Bedroom and moved into that, we've started to work on the front bedroom and bring it up to speed. So after this weekend we will be ready to paint! Which means the electrical has all be updated (hooray for multiple outlets, on multiple walls!), the aluminum windows were replaced with Marvin Tilt-Pacs, the trim is repaired and the cracking plaster has been patched.
Progress photos...

the sink plumbing is still in the closet, oh well.

the closet floors will get refinished someday, but not now

overall view of the space
a few test colors around the window frame

similar to the closet, these floors will eventually get refinished
but we need to muster up the energy to do the whole upstairs all at the same time.
this photo also grosses me out on how dingy and dirty the walls are. bleah!

secret family recipe for patching trim
(mix these two evenly, you'll love it)

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