Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Catch-Up

How did it become the middle of March already??

February seemed to slip by as Swanky and I were both traveling 3/4 weeks for work. Separate cities, different states. What a life it has turned into lately! My travel was a little more glamourous than Swanky's... one trip included 2 weeks in Israel!

Needless to say... not much work on the house - but the hubby is a rockstar and has managed to finish the electrical work and trimwork in our old bedroom. which means, next step... prep and paint!

This was his first pass at doing trimwork on his own, and i would say it turned out grand! what would you say?

In case you are wondering... we took the baseboard off when we first moved into the house to run new electrical wiring behind. The baseboard was in bad shape to begin with, and the room had only one working outlet, so it was the best of both worlds to get more electrical outlets/ updated wiring and good looking trim. Sometime before us, the headers to all the doors and windows were also removed (I've heard that was the 'in' thing in the 70s)... so those have now been replaced as well.

Last thing to eventually do is refinish the hardwoods... but we'll do it for the whole 2nd floor when we do, so that won't be until next year at the earliest.


portlandfoursquare said...

Looks great! I too am familiar with replacing that trim. I also love your idea about pulling the baseboard to run new electrical! The scope of my upstairs renovation just grew...

How do you like those Marvin Tilt-Packs? I installed some Marvin Inserts and love them but am thinking about trying the tilt-packs for the 2nd floor.

Looks great and can't wait to see more of your projects and progress.

HMC said...

I love the tilt-packs. the two downsides are the vertical rails only come in a few colors and they don't qualify for energy credits since they aren't a packaged system. If you want to stop by sometime to look at them, let me kow!

portlandfoursquare said...

I'd love to take a look sometime if that's not too portland-houseblog-weird. :)

Maybe email me at