Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We have (some new) windows!

We interviewed a few people/ companies and did a lot of research on windows (materials, energy credits, historical aspects, etc.) and decided to go with the Marvin line of windows. We were on the fence between Renewal by Anderson and Marvin. In the end we decided wood was the way to go and really liked all the options available.

Classic Sash and Door (in Rejuvenations Building) did the install and we couldn't be more happier with their work and how our house is starting to transform on the exterior! They helped us maintain egress (exiting) in each bedroom, including the third floor.

The reduction in street noise is already audible and the interior feel of the space already feels warmer (visually). We replaced (7) single-paned, aluminum windows and now I want to update a few more! More detailed pictures of all the bells and whistles soon!

install in progress

the new full divided lite, casements for our future master

our current bedroom tilt-pac replacements

view of the tilt-pacs from the outside

view of the house from the SW corner looking NE...


Bungalow Monster said...

That is one beautiful house. You are so fortunate.

Kaitlyn said...

They look great Han-Mei and Joe! :) So fun to have new windows!! That adds a lot to an already wonderful home!

HMC said...

BM - thanks! Your house looks pretty amazing, too!