Friday, June 26, 2009

Joe's gonna freak

He was against air conditioning the entire time, but when it came with the furnace... how can you refuse? Plus, it's SEER 15 which means it comes with tax credits for energy efficiency - which was is a hot button for him. I just had forgotten that the more efficient units tend to be a LOT larger...

in a perfect world - it would fit under the deck for him... hmmm... i think i'm going to be hearing about this one when he gets home from work :) he he... the top of the unit measures roughly 4'-6" high. it's almost as tall as me.


Jennie said...

just build a cute little (I mean big) fence or lattice around could hide the unit, well almost!
Is that how you spell lattice? I'm too lazy to get up and look it up- I'll assume you know what I mean!

Kaitlyn said...

Loved the title of that post. :) haha!