Friday, October 24, 2008

THE to do list

What a boring blog, all this text and no pictures. We actually have a lot of photos but my camera has been held hostage on the 2nd floor of the house - trapped because the entire first floor hardwoods are being refinished!

My Friday to do list:
1.) 8:30 Go to Basco and order our Kitchen Appliances - i love Basco. (
2.) Meet the gutter guy at 9:30 at the house - whoo hoo, gutters today!
3.) Meet the hardwood floor guy around the same time at the house (final coat today!)
4.) Pick up dining room table and chairs at 3pm (and figure out where to store them since they can't be put on the floor for another week while it dries)

Photos to come shortly after the floors are dry and we can get upstairs again... which is Saturday night.

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