Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Home's History Timeline...

From a 1910 Real Estate Map (#39) for NE Portland, Block 18... I learned that "JD Spencer et al" owned the lot where our home sits.

This is how I found him in the 1913 phonebook, listed at 582 E 21st N (our old address) with his wife Evelene and learned that he does real estate. In 1912 they lived at 482 1/2 E Ankeny... they must've lived on Ankeny while the home was being built in 1912 by Oregon Home Builder's, Inc.

Evelene and Joseph D. lived in the house until 1921. According to early census' the Spencer's had (2) children, Adrienne and Evelene (jr.). In 1920, according to the phone book, he changed career paths and is listed as a salesman at Eastern Outfitting Co ("Ladies & Men Apparel") downtown on 10th and Washington. Why he left real estate is still a mystery, but perhaps this led to him selling the house to another family, also in the real estate business. To read more about the Spencer's - I'll post more soon. Evelene was quite the woman in the early 1900s!

(1922-1923 is still ?)

In 1924 William P Sinnott and his wife, Mary I, moved into the home. They moved from a house on NE Broadway (perhaps a Jacobberger) into ours. The Sinnott family has a long history in Portland and is well established. Early Sinnott's were members of Congress as well as Federal Indian Agent's in the 1870s. In the 1950s the house transferred to William P Sinnott Jr and then to Mary herself, listed as the primary resident until 1957.

In 1958 Carl E Smith lived here at phone number ATI-0403. That's all I know about him.

As early as 1960 (possibly 1959) Mrs. B Eileen Welch is listed as the primary homeowner and this is where the Unification Church(es) come into play. The house had many homeowners listed at this address between 1960 - current. I've tracked all to be members of what is now a group called United Faith. For more information about this history - I'll post more soon

All this history I've found through researching old phonebooks... I still have to visit the County Tax Accessor's office to confirm who physically owned the home.

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