Monday, January 11, 2016


Somehow we blinked, and another year has flown by.

Joe was busy in the garden last year and while home on maternity I created more work for him by getting the front yard ready for sprinklers. It was a big to do, but happy we did it. Along with sprinklers in the front, we laid sod in both front and backyards and had some huge help from a local gardening company to set up a play area (rock box) under the Japanese Maple and a gravel path in the backyard.

Having two very young children has changed how we use our time, and two kids in full time daycare in Portland is good way to hemorrhage money.

This year we were approached, however, to put our house on tour. SHOULD WE?
Would you come visit and tour our home, as part of the Irvington Home Tour in May?
Let me know, it's a lot of work and gives me anxiety as we aren't close to done (but will we ever, be truly, "DONE"?)

Happy New Year everyone.


Sharon Kwilter said...

I don't know about the Irvington House Tour, but we put our house on the annual Kitchen Tour and that was a lot of fun. We met some really great folks who made us feel pretty darn good about the work we did on our house. We also had some help getting ready, as our contractor wanted it to look good too. He actually hired a maid to clean the main floor a couple days beforehand. LOL

HMC said...

That's awesome!