Tuesday, July 9, 2013

shut the Front Door

Hello Friends! Right around Easter we had the front door and side lites removed to be restored. It was a wild goose chase to find someone to restore the door (vs. replace) - and so glad we did. Eric, of Willow Classic Woodworking, and his team did a great job and we couldn't be more pleased.

It's amazing to have a front door that shuts tight, is smooth and sealed, and has hardware in working order. No more loose glass, old cat claw marks from the previous owners or years of black grime! I don't have to worry about whoever comes to the door and knocks on the glass, for fear that before it would come loose and shatter on the floor!

Please pardon the iphone photos - that's the only way you'll see pictures these days!

front door before, with new hardware
(notice all the holes from over the years)

front door, before - mismatched trim

front door after - all touched up
all the holes are gone!

front door after - you can barely see the round patch from the old dead bolt

front door after - working lockset, sanded smooth, weather tight
Details - I took the front door handle to a machine shop to have it repaired as parts had broken off over the years and thus, it stopped working. The front door and side lites were sealed with many coats of a marine grade (boat) finish, so it's protected for years from the sun/ UV. All the glass was caulked into place with a clear silicone to prevent air leakage and weather stripping was installed around the door frame for a better seal.


Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

How wonderful that you found Willow Classic Woodworking too. Eric is great to work with. We're heading out to his shop tomorrow to do a couple hours of planing of our salvaged wood.

HMC said...

Sharon, that's too funny! Glad you found him as well. We hope to use him again for future projects!