Friday, August 24, 2012

House Updates (August 2012)

Earlier in August, we traveled back to Portland to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary and of course, spent a few hours working on the house... Swanky spent, actually, the majority of the weekend working on this room as he missed it so much (seriously, I'm not kidding)!

What were we working on? The Library room, which was almost done with the electrical rewiring and needing some serious plaster repair. Here's how we left it on Sunday - all roughed in (just need to land the circuit) and walls patched (just needed some sanding)...

What else does the Library Room need? It's missing some trim across the top of the window and door headers, and lots and lots of paint.

In other news, the banister paint striping and restaining that my cousin David has been working on is BEAUTIFUL!! And we also discovered some old wallpaper that was hiding behind a hideous paint job in the entry.

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