Monday, August 27, 2012

House Updates (August 2012, part II)

Swanky was home this weekend to run Hood to Coast (I'm obviously out of commission... ) and try and finish up the electrical work in the library. Much to his surprise David had been working in the room for the past two weeks! Here's a progression over the past few months.

June 2012 - with the hardwoods refinished
Early August 2012 - plaster repair and electrical in progress
Mid August 2012 - skim coated walls, wood trim repair in progress
He had already skim coated the the walls with an additional coat of plaster and put the headers back on top of the doors and windows... WOW!!

So between David and Joe, there is working electrical, smooth walls and trim almost ready to be painted!

I'm home in a few weeks for my shower and looking forward to seeing all our friends and family as well as this room!

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