Friday, March 23, 2012

The Master Bath (Before & After)

I have realized that I have shared the Master Bedroom, but haven't shared the Master Bath. It was a strange set-up and bathroom that existed before we purchased the home. We new from our first walk through that this would be turned into a private Master Bathroom, and it was only a matter of time.
Turns out the Tub is a clawfoot that got enclosed!
As you can see, having a big window behind the toilet, and having another window off the bathtub are two great things in regards to privacy (sarcasm)... and the color choices were less than awesome. Tile, too. For reference, the shower is in the same location as the bathtub, and toilet didn't change locations.

I'll post some floorplans of what we had to work with, and what we found in another post.

For now, some finished photos...

The marble floor was a splurge that we found at a tile store that accidentally received a shipment that they don't normally sell. Talk about timing, we took it off their hands for a VERY good price. The Marble in the Shower I got from a countertop store - it was scraps from someone's Kitchen Project. Price? Free. They even cut it to the right sizes. The subway tile and woodwork were picked up at local tile and woodworking stores. Bathroom Fixtures are all Kohler and I ordered them through a plumber friend - half price baby! Mirror we found at Ikea is the As-Is Section. Vanity Lights we picked up in the sale bin at Rejuvenation. We were lucky they had two matching. Another score. All in All, for a complete gut job... we did well and finished with the huge help of my cousin, David.

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Liz said...

You guys do amazing work!! Love it!