Sunday, April 24, 2011

Front Bedroom is "complete"

Or at least, as complete as it will be until we get the energy to move all our furniture off the 2nd floor and refinish the floors!

Some items on the wishlist?

1.) A better, more personalized overhead light

2.) A lamp or two for accent lighting

3.) A headboard/ beadframe to ditch our current simple frame

4.) A rug to soften up the flooring

5.) More artwork/ photos...

6.) Bedding and some fun pillows.

The budget for this room was basically a couple hundred dollars and we (Joe) did everything. It included new electrical wiring, outlets & plugs, painting and patching the plaster and new wood trim along the base as well as trim at the top of the window headers. We purchased paint, plaster, wood trim and curtains/ rods for the room. All other items we had...


Jenn said...

What a gorgeous bedroom! I love the color you chose for the walls. I just clicked over from Restored Style and wanted to say hi! I'm also restoring a house in PDX (NoPo), and love *meeting* others doing the same! Your house is gorgeous and I look forward to see what other updates you have in store :)

HMC said...

Hi Jenn, and thanks! Things will be slowing down a bit but it's good to meet another house person in Portland! Maybe we should do a meetup with all three of us (Restored Style, you and myself!)