Saturday, October 30, 2010

next project

Master Bedroom Sunporch!

This photo is of our painting progress this weekend. One last coat of trim paint and we'll be ready to paint the floor a nice gray. This room is off our Master Bedroom and we'll be using it as a private office retreat. It's a bit quirky and our budget is basically large enough to pay for paint (aka $0).

Visions for this room? Some low cabinets/ bookshelves under the windows, a big comfy chair for reading and some major desk space for both Joe and I to spread out and for all my crafty things to have an organized home. Oh, and Joe wants to put a small coffee maker up there for his insane coffee drinking habit.

The quirks of this room? The windows are hap-hazardly installed on 2 sides... the trimwork is mix-matched... there is no heat to this room... and the floor has a large crown (roughly 1" in the middle) where it straddles the exterior wall of the house below.

The previous homeowners of the house had this room as a bedroom for at least 1 person. Talk about COLD in the winter! You might remember this room as our temporary kitchen when we first moved in. You know, where the coffee pot froze...

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