Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Joe and I have just a few finishing touches on the Master Suite before we take a BIG {financial} BREAK on things... for me to part with all the work (my eyes see so many more projects to do!) I am the type that has to justify it. I started looking back on our journey over the past two years and thought I would share some of the befores/ durings to inspire anyone who is also in the midst of a big project.

Whenever I get overwhelmed with the state of affairs or frustrated with progress (I work on a jobsite so I easily forget that DIY at home is much slower and different than building big things at work). I also find it interesting how I so easily block things from my mind, it's too easy to block out the "befores" and lost focus on the progress.

What were we thinking!?

wall repair in the dining room

poorly installed old windows that had major gaps
(it's built in ventilation, right?)

our temporary kitchen that froze in the winter ice storms...

and how could i forget the pink, mauve bathroom
with the gurgling sink (not properly vented) and
toilet waste line held together by duct tape (disgusting!)

our working "ninja turtle green" bathroom
(future project)

the master bedroom (before)

after we had taken out the louvered windows

the attic bedroom (before)

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