Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I <3 Plumbing...

actually we don't <3 plumbing, at all.

Joe the plumber... stays far, far away from plumbing work for good reason. We enlisted a highly recommended plumber to come help us start over with the previous homeowner's handywork.

As I'm typing, Joe is emptying the shop vac because it has what I call "Spooge" - nasty, disgusting, rotting sewer water that was sitting in our vent line and has small wiggly worms growing in it. Bob the Plumber (BtP) had to frantically clean up an unexpected mess he came across today when he cut into the vent line to repipe (the line was crumbling to pieces after xx years of poor piping). DISGUSTING!!!

I'll spare you the photos... but it got all over our ceiling of the new kitchen. I'm hoping it doesn't stain and we got all the water up in time!

We should've known that this line would've had spooge in it, since Joe and I came across the same thing over the weekend when we demo'd the remainder of the old plumbing. We hit it when we demo'd a poorly done vent line... again another place where water shouldn't be.

Lesson Learned? Always have a shop vac on hand, plugged in and ready for the unexpected.

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