Monday, September 21, 2009

11.5 months

Since we joke that our house is our child, we'll start tracking it by age. I think it's when you hit over 24 months that you can start to relate things to actual years?

At any rate, we've come a long way in the last 11.5 months of home ownership and have quite a ways to go. This post will be about the future and our BIG! plans for the next year...

Spring 2010: Reshingle and Paint the exterior. We postponed this event with the slowing of the economy and our job professions (*just in case*)... and saved more money since this will be almost as expensive as the kitchen to undertake!

Winter 2009- ?: Work on the Master Suite and be our own workers/ GC. The Master Bath will be tricky but I think we can do it! Final floorplans coming soon!

My other Year 2 goals include...
1.) Finish off the Entry (it's the last room on the 1st floor to be worked on)
2.) Lay Tile and work on the Sunporch
3.) the Front Door...
4.) Oh, the yard... but hey, it's Oregon. Nobody has a gardener here!

Bathroom Inspiration:

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Kaitlyn said...

love the bathroom pix! I can see how those are inspiring!! ;)