Sunday, August 16, 2009

Other weekend updates

We made a lot of progress this weekend ... other highlights

1.) HM went to a charity auction and bid on an exterior house painting job and WON! Our house painting bids were in the $12-$15k range (yes, $12k for JUST PAINT)... so she's pretty stoked to get it for $3k. It's for the kids! Although... paying now and not painting until next summer... hmmm...

2.) Mike is back and helping us with our woodwork more

3.) Did we mention the Powder Room just needs accessories now? The sink is in and works

4.) Front door refinishing starts this week!

5.) HM's pet project is scraping the paint off of the banister. It literally flakes off with a razor blade.

6.) Pocket Door opening is framed in and ready to sanding/ stain

It feels like we're hemmoraging money again... it definitely goes in waves. Time to scale back down and keep funding our siding project for next summer.

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