Sunday, May 10, 2009


We've been busy enjoying life and paying not much attention to the house - much needed! Between the recent downpours we've spent some time reorganizing the plants outside and joe has a few things started in the garden in the back.

this afternoon we went wild on an existing "desk" that took up half the room in the attic. after about 1000 screws (varying in length from 1/2" to 8"!!, buried under glue, nails, newspaper for caulk and paint we got it destructed, down the stairs (3 stories down) and in pieces in the garage... i would love to show the previous homeowners how to build things simply, more efficietly and much CHEAPER! oh yes, and there was electrical wiring tucked throughout this bad boy - so you could plug things in every you might think of! - did we mention it was built on top of the old carpet?

before photo

with the doors and drawers missing
(you could hide a twin size bed under there, and then some!)

opposite side

(need to patch the holes from the lag bolts)

apart in the hallway

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Kaitlyn said...

Holy moly! haha

My friend just bought a 1960's fixer-upper home in Whittier and her dad (a general contractor) and I have been demolishing and re-building it! I know appreciate your hard work so much more!!!

In fact, I keep relating what we are doing, to the pictures I have seen on your blog. haha :)