Saturday, May 23, 2009

the future master

now that we've secured our loan and made the first payment we decided to start our master bedroom/ bathroom renovation. this will include ripping out the lathe and plaster on all the walls, a new window to replace the aluminum slider, reconfiguring an existing bath to include it with the bedroom as well as insulation and new wiring. this bedroom currently has no electrical (lights or plugs).

first step - remove trim and salvage for other projects.

second step - find a place to put the original window seat
(notice it missing from the above photo)
it couldn't have fit better on the porch between the column and wall. the porch actually used to have two beautiful built-in's but they were removed before we got the house when they were redoing the foundation and brickwork


Kaitlyn said...

you going to leave the window seat on the porch? Looks good to me! :)

HMC said...

yes, that's its new home!