Monday, September 15, 2008

We got the House

After early inspections, a wedding and a honeymoon... we learned that we were put in first position for the offer we placed on the house. Here's an exterior photo of what we're taking on. You can't tell but it's in dire need of a major paint job, but that'll wait until next year.

Paperwork is being sorted out and we hope to close in the middle of October.

The Stats:
1913 Craftsman in the heart of Irvington here in Portland, Oregon. The history is still unknown, but we did find out it was last occupied by a religious unification group.

Currently: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, partial basement, partial attic... plumbing for 1 additional full bath in basement and 1/2 bath on main level.

The original Plumbing Permit lists it being built by "Oregon Home Builders" in 1912...

The trimwork has never been painted on the first floor and all the wiring is still knob and tube... yikes!

Did I mention it's missing a KITCHEN? This will be project #1.

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