Monday, September 29, 2008

Evelene & Joseph

Evelene and Joseph Spencer were the original homeowners of our home. Originally from Canada, married in Alameda, CA... they ended up in Portland, Oregon. Joseph was in real estate and later in "dry goods" working at Eastern Outfitters in the late 1910s. By 1920 they disappeared out of the phonebook and William P Sinnot, his wife Mary and family moved into our home. William P had a home built by J. Jacobberger and I was hoping this was ours. But in looking at old photographs at the historical society, it was a different home. Why the Sinnott's moved from a Jacobberger into ours, is unknown. The Sinnott Family has deep roots in Oregon including members in Congress and the State Senate.

What else have I learned... The home was built in 1912-1913 by the Oregon Home Builders, Inc. The Architect is still unknown.

There was a famous Mrs. Evelene Spencer in the early 1900s who was attributed to popularizing fish in the US and co-wrote a cookbook, FISH COOKERY, with a professor from the University of Washington. I'm not sure if this was her... but the timing and location align. Stay tuned for more!


braunhorsepower said...

the blog is grand, the history is grand.........looking forward to your journey.

where are the interior photos yes please?


J VanHatten said...

How ironic is it that the original house owners' names were Evelene and Joseph. You and Joe were meant to be together! Your house is really coming along; it's going to be gorgeous!